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There is a national day for everything: ice cream, puppies, and even the nation’s states and territories. While we admit puppies are cuter, we’re just as enthusiastic about infrastructure innovation. So, throughout the year, InfraTalk America will be celebrating each state’s national day by showcasing a few of the innovations their state department of transportation (DOT) has invested in or is in the process of implementing. 

We strongly believe the people at our nation’s state DOT’s and the work they produce should be recognized and uplifted, while simultaneously raising awareness about how these technologies are being utilized to advance the nation’s infrastructure systems. 

We will particularly highlight examples of states using innovations related to digital project delivery, sustainable composite bridges, and positive work zone protection (PWP). 

As with everything InfraTalk America produces, we want this campaign to spark meaningful conversations about the current state of our infrastructure, raise awareness about innovative technologies available to state DOTS, and engage in thought provoking dialogue about future innovations in the industry.  

If you know of a state that is using exciting new innovations that we may not be aware of, email us at news@infratalkamerica.com or tag us on social media at @InfraTalkUSA.  

Delaware – July 13th

Pennsylvania – July 20th

New Jersey – July 27th

Georgia – August 3rd

Connecticut – August 10th

Massachusetts – August 17th

Maryland – August 24th

South Carolina – August 31st

New Hampshire – September 7th

Virginia – September 14th