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In October, FHWA held a conference with several e-Ticketing and e-Construction vendors in which company representatives gave an overview of their products. The purpose of the conference was to promote awareness and implementation of e-Ticketing and e-Construction more broadly. 

During the e-Ticketing Industry Day event, presenters described major digital delivery innovations making waves in the infrastructure industry including technologies from BroadLoop, Command Alkon, OnStation, HaulHub, TopCon Positionings, TruckPay and Wirtgen Group. Below are the key takeaways from the event.  

BroadLoop, Inc. 

The web-based mobile app, BroadLoop, allows users to help road builders virtually track trucks as they transfer materials to and from project sites.  

In addition to providing users with a live-view of entire fleets of materials, the BroadLoop app also helps ensure that the correct number of trucks were ordered, that all trucks take the agreed-upon route and that alerts are being communicated proactively.  

As the infrastructure industry continues to innovate and advance, so must the technologies. BroadLoop complies with state-level DOT e-Ticketing specifications by allowing users to transmit information to their DOT on behalf of the contractor.  

Additionally, BroadLoop increases the safety of workers by eliminating the need for workers to physically collect tickets from busy roads. Using the auto-temperature capture features, users can avoid unsafe situations during the collection of a material’s temperature.  

Command Alkon & InfoTech 

Command Alkon is a cloud-based construction platform for contractors, project holders and more. The software processes automation for heavy building materials, supply chain collaboration, and e-Ticketing. 

Infotech specializes in developing e-Construction solutions by providing construction information and process management, consulting services and much more.  

The Connex e-Ticketing platform is a secure, cloud-based solution that provides a single interface into e-Ticketing for state DOTs, their contractors and suppliers. Not only does this software accept all types of materials, such as asphalt concrete and aggregate, but it also allows inspectors to receive and reject deliveries, add test results, videos, images and other field notes.  

The Connex e-Ticketing platform puts the power back into the hands of industry workers. By eliminating paper tickets, capturing real-time information and automating their workflow, suppliers are able to improve their communication. Improved communication means a better customer experience and faster payments. For contractors and DOTs, Connex’s platform requires less time and effort to record information, ultimately improving worker safety and the accuracy of collected data.  

Despite the industry’s accelerated move towards e-Ticketing, Connex’s platform also supports the collection of paper tickets. Users can digitize paper tickets by capturing a photo of them with their cellular device. The software is equipped with optical character recognition (OCR), allowing textual characters from paper tickets to be transformed into “intelligent materials information.”  


OnStation is a mobile utility app that allows users to pinpoint their exact location and document their project as they go. Founded only five years ago, OnStation has over 575 active projects and is being utilized by 16 DOTs and over 200 contractors.

This platform solves many of the documentation issues that arise during the construction process. For example, OnStation users can upload, revise and update project plans from practically anywhere. Additionally, personnel can better communicate on projects by addressing questions and concerns directly in the app. Some of the unique features of this software include auto stamp stationing alignment and offset on every e-Ticket via API (Application Programming Interface). The app’s camera notes include the date, time, station, title, markup and a map. 


HaulHub simplifies industrial construction operations by allowing users access to real-time GPS tracking, electronic payment processing, data analytics and much more. This platform allows for continuous intelligence and real time updates to support project inspectors. With this information, inspectors can access machine information and their field team’s progress. With multiple deployment options, HaulHub can be implemented on existing e-Ticketing solutions and internal IT resources. Additionally, if a project is not already utilizing e-Ticketing and there are limited or no IT resources available, HaulHub provides a simple, no-cost solution to get tickets flowing into their portal. 

TopCon Positionings  

TopCon is a leading global manufacturer of precision measuring, survey and construction technology and positioning instruments. E-Ticketing has expanded beyond ticket data. Additional information such as temperatures, paving widths, thermal mapping, intelligent compaction, and more are also accessible through e-Ticketing platforms. The technologies involved during the paving process are also documented. 

TopCon’s paving system, often referred to as intelligent paving, provides machine control for the application of asphalt, curb and gutter, concrete and more. The intelligent paving process includes an in-depth scan and design using Magnet. Additionally, users of the system are able to plan, pave, conduct quality control, and transfer information to state DOTs or project owners using Pavelink Logistics. Through API (Application Programming Interface), Pavelink Logistics provides a direct line of communication between the office, state DOTs, asphalt plant(s), transport/logistics/tracking, jobsite crew, management team, and project owner.   


TruckPay is a mobile, cloud-based producer, fleet and truck scale management logistics platform.  The technology grants users the ability to automate dispatching weighments, material hauling, inspection reports and access to back-office functions to validate and pay invoices. TruckPay displays the location and gross tare net weight of the truck alongside the volume and type of materials being transported. This ADA and AAA compliant software makes it the perfect platform to be used for federally sponsored work that either directly or indirectly uses software.  

Wirtgen Group 

Wirtgen Group is an internationally operated, German-based company that specializes in the development and production of machinery for road construction and maintenance. The system uses two main features for documenting and analyzing job-site data. For smaller job sites, the Road Scan feature allows users to document installation temperatures and USB data transfers. The WITOS Paving Docu feature, ideal for projects that require data documentation but not active process optimization, lets users document the installation process. On small to mid-size job sites, users are also able to process data and log delivery notes. 

Listen in as the FHWA discusses e-Ticketing and e-Construction awareness and implementation. Click here to register for the free webinar. Don’t miss out on a chance to learn more about these programs and other e-Ticketing innovations within the infrastructure industry.