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Owners Link, a new offering from Sysdyne and HaulHub, establishes bi-directional data flow to certify electronic project records will meet source record standards for federal aided projects. 

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Sysdyne Technologies, the leading cloud-native software platform for ready-mix concrete producers, and HaulHub Technologies, the leading e-Construction platform for transportation agencies, announced today the launch of Owners Link. This technology provides technical two-way integration between construction material point of sale systems and state transportation agency project portals. By providing integration between the two platforms, the software offers a trustworthy source of data records that can be used for payments and meets federal statutes and regulations.  

Owners Link helps route material tickets to the right agency projects by eliminating the chance of data input error at the scale and enhancing standardization efforts. As a result, this technology ensures e-tickets arrive in a timely manner. Moreover, the integration is the first of its kind. It will facilitate a two-way data transfer, whereby an owner’s project list can be shared with the material supplier through the point-of-sale interface and the ticket can be returned to the owner within moments of being created. This, in turn, eliminates the ticket from being altered. 

Owners Link creates value for the material supplier, the project owner, and the contractor. Yet another reason why cloud-native solutions for the construction supply chain should be considered,” said Ed Rusch of Sysdyne Technologies. The added capability will allow the heavy material supplier to select a project from a certified list in lieu of hand typing project data into a free form text box. “Material tickets with accurate project descriptions, contract numbers and codes could dramatically improve the downstream reconciliation and billing experiences for all the project stakeholders.” 

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