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The state will become the first in the country to make this type of program a requirement.   

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The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced late last week that, starting November 1, 2023, teen drivers will be required to take a work zone safety and first responder safety course. This course will have to be completed before a teenager can obtain their intermediate driver’s license.  

The passage of this law comes at a time when distracted driving is rapidly increasing and the number of work zone fatalities are on the rise. According to ODOT, “there were 102 drivers under the age of 20 severely injured in work zone crashes in the past five years plus 10 young motorist fatalities in that same time frame.” 

Oklahoma will be using Work Zone Safe, a free, online course that educates young drivers about the importance of driving responsibly through work zones. In addition, the program is designed to humanize the workers who are working in these construction sites.   

“We have filled our roads with ‘digitally drunk’ drivers,” said Tom Robins, founder of Work Zone Safe. “This program is designed to teach young drivers how their driving can impact themselves and others forever.” 

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