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Greater safety, efficiency and accuracy are key factors that have led Georgia DOT to digitize their ticketing process. The Federal Highway Administration recently recognized the agency for its success in implementing e-Ticketing in their Innovation in Project Delivery Newsletter. 

FHWA writes:  

“Since April 2021, GDOT has required e-Ticketing for asphalt on all projects. To date, there have been four systems approved for use in Georgia: DOTSlip by Haulhub, FleetWatcher, Mobile Tickets (contractor developed), and Truck-it. The contractor may select their preferred system that meets the specification. The system selected must have offline capabilities and paper tickets are required for validation if no cell service. The electronic ticket is the source document required for payment. Project staff will download a PDF of each ticket, PDF summary, and a MS Excel spreadsheet summary from the application website.  These are stored in ProjectWise by product, material, and date placed. There is no central GDOT database for material, so the data is stored by project. Quantities are entered into SiteManager or AASHTOWare Project for payment. GDOT does not require continuous GPS.  Only the status is required: At Source, At Destination, or In Route, along with time of last status change.  Figure 1 presents a GDOT inspector, standing safely behind the sign, using her phone to accept the e-Ticket for the Hot Mix Asphalt being delivered.” 

“Over the past 4 years, GDOT and Contractors have piloted, developed, and modified process that have led them to the successful practice used today. Within the Georgia 2021 Standard Specification, Section 110, is their Electronic Delivery Management System (e-Ticketing). The specifications require training, setup, and verification during the pre-construction phase of the project. The specification then further defines the data to be collected as part of the submittals (i.e., delivery load information, real-time continuous data items truck status, and daily summaries). The cost of the system “is included in the contract price for the material specified in the contract.”