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The state’s transportation agency is using mobile barrier technology on a project in Northwest Indiana.  

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In Northwest Indiana, near the Illinois state line, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is experimenting with the use of mobile barriers. They are using the technology to enhance work zone safety during a concrete restoration project on I-80/I-94.  

The barrier is designed to keep workers safe from potential crashes by improving lighting, reducing congestion, and speeding up the set-up/breakdown of the work-zone. Connected to a semitrailer, the mobile barrier provides up to 102 feet of protection and is ideal for quick projects or those that have multiple sites.  

“Using a mobile barrier provides better protection on the sides than TMAs and takes up fewer lanes, which is crucial on I-80/I-94 concerning the Interstate Highways Congestion Policy,” explained Indiana DOT Area Engineer Karen Douthett. “The barrier is ideal for an operation that takes less than a day or has multiple locations that workers must bounce around to.” 

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